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By Liz Collins

cover design by Alyssa Morhardt-Goldstein

cover design by Alyssa Morhardt-Goldstein

praise for neo logo isms

Juicy, provocative and challenging…the poems read like sacred chants for a planet that awaits our attention.

—Linda Saccoccio, artist and writer

A poetess akin to H.D. in resonant lyric/womanness…collins’ work is sacred elixir, a remedy we nearly forgot to recall.

—antoinette nora claypoole, author/Oregon Literary Arts recipient


published 2009/re-released 2014
ISBN-13: 978-0-965-6234-3-8
5.5inx4.25 in / 43pp / $10


Drowning in Cherryade

by Shanta Everingtonannual poetry chapbook 2012

UK poet and teacher, Shanta Everington’s Drowning in Cherryade conjures candy-colored scenes of youth mirrored in an examination of memories. Overwhelmed by first experiences, the poems are at once told with a resignedness to their outcomes, while maintaining a perspective of awkward fumbling for an anchor. This parallax affect helps complete the pictures presented here with a quick wit, a rooted voice  and a few playful surprises.

Published March 2014
5.5in x4.25in / 15pp / $5


Fighting Pancho Villa

by Sid Millerannual poetry chapbook 2013

bb-miller-coverThere are twenty-six words in Yiddish to describe

a paste of spreadable liver, but not one

for the catalog of places on your body

that I’m going to kiss while we’re floating.

None that translate to all things will pass,

they’ll never get more profound.
Published August 2013
5.5in x4.25in / 20pp / $5


It Can Be That Way Still

by Shane Joaquín Jiménez

shanecoverposterFrom prison to farm to city, this collection of stories takes you on a parallel journey to that of its teller with characters dissected along the way. The road novel reinvented through glimpes of america. All told in sepia stained images with bloodletting humor and a baking scented noir, these short fictions pursue the question of ‘what next’ served up with a dark tonic realism.


Shane Jimenéz’s stories are brief, sometimes in the way that car wrecks are brief…[he] has a soft touch for brilliant, sharp, sideways stories.

Keith Abbott, author of Downstream From Trout Fishing in America: A Memoir of Richard Brautigan

1st edition published December 2008
2nd edition re-released August 2013

ISBN 978-0-965-6234-1-4
5.5inx4.25 in / 54pp / $10



 by George Marie

I want to count backwards from one thousand and have you stand again before me, my hand working across your face going from red to white.  I want to see only from behind, and from this view see only my back.

Published November 2012
ISBN 978-0-983-2987-7-9
5.5inx4.25 in / 30pp / $10